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Omikron Design has as main objective to produce objects that enhance, the illuminated spaces, through light and an outstanding design.
The method is to combine the performance of high lighting technology to a sober and exclusive industrial design.

Out lighting products are designed to support and enhance different lighting sources such as metal halide, neon, halogen. The use of these technologies leads to a big range of different type of projects for indoor illumination: from the indirect illumination to the punctual concentrated one.

In products is devoted much attention to versatility of spread or contraction of light, obtained through screens or filters that become recognizable aesthetics of the project. The results are "live" objects, dynamic, movable and never static or definitive.
The luminous flux is reflected, diffused by elementary technologies and easily controllable through parables, tilting screens or electronic adjustments.
The lighting instrument generated is then always open and adaptable to the life of each specific environment.

The production Omikron Design joins the styles of European designers such as Vico Magistretti, Andrea Branzi, Roberto Menghi, Piero Castiglioni, Carlo Forcolini innovations of young designers such as David Groppi, Gabi Peretto, Emanuele Fiano, AB Rogers, Jonathan Maltz, Nanni Holén.
The collection is mainly recognisable in the rational design school: in fact the Omikron Design products always require functionality and a timeless aesthetics, a stable and elegant design, that is not susceptible to rapid ageing of momentary trends.
With this spirit, in different lines coexist lamps designed at different times, from the first lamp Vico Magistretti 1946.

The mark Omikron Design stands out on the market for rigour and pragmatism, taking distance from all the productions where the functionality is limited by the self-satisfaction and takes distance from any decorative excess.
This is a collection dedicated to those who, like us, need the imagination and beauty to live.